How can i get my design put onto an item ?

We use a range of methods for various projects. For Clothing, we offer HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl), Screenprinting, Sublimation and Embroidery. If it is a Business Logo or Image you are wanting printed, we require a High Resolution image to be sent to us. We do not offer a Graphic Design service.

There is something else I want made - that is NOT on the Website.... can you do this?

YES! Our main printing activity is CUSTOM ORDERS - therefore our Website does not have items available in that category. Our Website is merely to show some of the items we are able to produce for you. To have your item Custom Made simply contact us via Email or Facebook.

I haven't heard back from you!

We are a small, family run business. We do have a family and weekends are precious time for us to be together. We are in the office Weekdays only between 9-2. We do our best to respond to everyone in a timely manner.

Where do you source your products?

Our clothing is sourced from Australian Suppliers, which we order from in bulk. We believe we have chosen quality suppliers for the items we sell to our customers.

Other items such as Stubby Holder's are purchased from the internet, usually from other Small Businesses within Australia whom specialize in selling blank products.

Do you have store we can come and checkout?

No, Sorry! We are a home based business. We do not have a showroom or displays set up. Our website is there to offer the customer a visual, BUT we also send all of our customers Mock Prints when custom orders are being placed.

How long will my Car Decal last?

We use Permanent Adhesive Vinyls for the Car Decals and Drinkware Decals we offer. These are outdoor graded for 5-7 years.

My items are different to the 'Mock up" I was sent on the computer...

Keep in mind - everything on a Computer Screen vs. Reality is different (Colour wise). Custom Printing will never be EXACTLY as you see it in your mock. A few things can affect this such as size of print (your 'mock' is possibly set at a much smaller scale than the actual print going onto the clothing, therefore, some colours may be in a different place or area to your mock) We do say that all of our items are SIMILAR too or CLOSE too the design you were sent.